Hilarious Friday- Trailer Jam

Hilarious Friday’s are back again. For today’s episode I’ll be featuring trailer jam all the way from Twitter. When you tell them to mind their business,they won’t. Okay keep shut, no way. Finally, think before tweeting, impossible. So lets see what some fellas got into this week.

Lmao ?? I feel for the lady though. She didn’t see that coming. 

  Ouch! That’s would leave a scar. All the way from his country he decided to insult a Nigerian; gladly he’s been taught manners. 

But seriously, how would one think taking care of a pair of twins financially would be a problem for Jay-Z and Beyonce?

But he was only letting us know he’s standard for dating a lady. That came really hard. RIP to a brother. 

That was a huge trailer and it came out of nowhere. I’m certain he didn’t expect a reply but he got one already.  All via @trailerjam on Twitter

That’s all for today. Catch us next week. 

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