5 items to get your boyfriend

5 items you ladies could get for your boyfriend.   Something ladies should know. I’ll be sharing something special with you today. If you are so concerned and want to be definite your boo got you in mind at all times and mentions your name every second (okay, maybe not every second though), then you need to read this. I mean who doesn’t love it when her boyfriend resounds her glories forth? Never seen any though. So here’s what to get for him if you want to achieve this at a reasonably affordable rate;

 1. A Perfume

  You should get him a perfume. A necessity, especially the one he loves cause he’ll remember you every single time he wears it and someone commends his scent, he sniffs your love. If you’re lucky enough he’ll tell everyone that bae got it.

2. Custom T-shirts

   You should get him custom shirts as well but you need to be careful of what you’re customizing. It has to be something you know he likes cause if it isn’t he might get irritated or next time you check the trash, guess what graces your eyes. A custom sweat shirt, jersey, t-shirt, etc with his name/ nick name could do it. 

3. Jewelries/ Accessories

   Ever tried collecting a neckpiece, necklace, ring, wrist watch, etc from a guy and he tells you it’s special to him or someone gave it to him. Well, I’ve heard that a lot and I’ve also been lucky enough to say that. The beauty of getting an accessory is that one could wear them all day (even to the bathroom ) and if it’s attractive people would want it.  

4. Footwear

 A comfortable footwear or shoes could do this trick. Get him the one he loves and he would wear it and definitely keep you in mind as he receives positive comments. When he walks, he walks with you in spirit? But seriously, it has to be the one he really loves cause no one wants to wear what they don’t like. 

5. Whatever he’s always talking about

   Whatever he wants most or needs, he’s probably been talking about it already so if you can get it; do. 

   They’re so many other things you could get to spell his thoughts to be about you all the time . Never forget spending time together is priceless. Thanks for reading. Kindly share.
-Compiled by OfficialNnamdi 

-Organized by Pablo IK


  1. Custom tshirts will do, then a footwear tho some myt say it’s expensive getting a really nice footwear

  2. Custom tshirts will do, then a footwear tho some myt say it’s expensive getting a really nice footwear

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