Bounce Back

  Hello people, how’s the Christmas going? Hope everyone is in that groove cause I am. I’m still wishing every home a Merry Christmas and a happy new year in advance. 
   Here’s something as we prepare to step into a new year cause by His grace, everyone reading this alongside their families would see and triumph in 2017. Bounce back is also something from our ongoing project to inspire the youths- INSPIRATION FOR THE YOUTHS. 

   I don’t know how 2016 was for anyone else but it was an experience for me. I made mistakes, I fell, I learnt, I laughed, cried, mourned, celebrated but most importantly I got stronger; all thanks to God and all the experiences. We face challenges and that’s very normal, we fall but we must rise. Maybe not immediately like a ball that falls to the earth but surely, if we believe. Here’s what I think; the harder you fall, the higher you rise- keep meditating on that. Let’s take a look at Job from the Holy Bible- he fell down, so low but what happened at the end of it all? Job 42:12; And God blessed the latter part of Job’s life than the former… 

  Dear YOUTH, you are a leader and you will do great things (make waves). Don’t let the current situation or circumstances determine your dreams. No matter the fall, you’re gonna BOUNCE BACK cause you are scenting of gifts, ambitions and talents ready to cause an impact on today. 

   The harder a ball hits the ground, the higher it would rise so what’s bothering you? You think you’re gone for life? You believe there’s no hope for you? No friend, that’s not it all. Are you breathing? Then there’s hope. Remain grateful to God for all he keeps doing for you. Stay happy and positive in 2017. I should repost ‘STAY POSITIVE’ soon. It would help us all. God bless you for your time. Don’t forget to share to your friends. 

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