Exclusive Interview with Mr Adore

   I’m so happy to have had the opportunity to interview this unique and awesome photographer- Mr. Adore. Well, I got to know more about the master mind behind all those amazing pictures I kept on seeing on Instagram.  

 My name is Yitschaq Abia and I am a photographer. I have a degree in international relations. One among the few I’ve accomplished over the years is I’ve been able to mentor, tutor over 40 people and influence many in the field photography. Here’s how the interview went down —–>
   What’s photography to you?
Photography to me is life. I see photography as an instrument to foster social change and solely believe in the saying ” if photography can’t change the world, it can change the consciousness of men and women who would change the world”
   When did you officially become a photographer? 
In 2011
   What inspired the name; Mr. Adore?
People found the name Yitschaq a bit difficult to pronounce and so I decided to give myself a unique and easier name… lol
   How was your first professional photo shoot like?
 Really I can’t remember my first photoshoot. But I can remember my first shoot that was a hit. Lol it was a hit only on my bbm contact, I think I had about 60 contacts then
   What do you do before a shoot?  
I pray and allow God to inspire me
   Any role models (list)? 
Yes, God
   Would you tell us more about photography? 
Yes! I like to say photography is spiritual and you need to be connected to whoever or what ever you’re photographing. If you don’t see it as beautiful it will never come out so
    What is Mr. Adore doing if he’s not taking shots or editing shots?    Seeking for inspiration or to be an inspiration. 

 Is there anyone you feel you should be appreciating for how the journey as a photographer has been? 

Oh yes yes.. My parents ,Mr Hakeem Salaam and Tope Adenola

   You were featured recently on Trace Naija Channel 325 on DSTV, how did it happen and how do you feel about it?  
They saw my works on social media and decided to launch the new Channel with some images I took some time back in Jos city. I feel super excited about that and appreciate Sam of trace and Chidi for the opportunity 
   Any advice for people out there hoping to get into photography? 
Keep clicking. 
   Where do you see yourself in the next five years? 
Around the world. 


  You can’t miss out on Mr Adore’s works or rather- you shouldn’t. What do you think of him? Get to know and see more by following his Instagram @MrAdore 

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