Never Give Up!

Hello reader and welcome to a new week! Hope you are all having a nice time.      Some times we really want to tap out, some times we tap out actually. It could be really hard holding on to a dream that isn’t visualizing. Tougher when your dreams are big, people are discouraging you and sadly, nothing happening is making sense to you. But does that mean we should give up? Does that mean we forget about the dream? No, it doesn’t. 

  We face challenges and it only prepares us for the big goal/ task ahead. Let’s take a look at this two case scenarios. First, you get whatever you want immediately you ask for it. You also get so much of what you want in the snap of a finger. Second, you really have to struggle for what you want. Perhaps you have to keep asking your parents for a very long time before you get that thing or you have to work so hard to get it. Now you tell me; who do you think would value what he gets more? I’ll go with the second though. My point is, it’s very rare to find gold on the surface of the earth- you have to dig in. Okay, no that’s not my point. My point is that good stuff doesn’t come easy in most cases so you have to struggle and make a lot of sacrifices. Never give up friend!

   But let’s ponder on this- Are there times when we actually need to give up?

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