Meet the Face of the month- Rachel Toyosi

  Hello reader and how are you doing? Perhaps some thought the Face of the month contest wasn’t real; actually it was. And the prize was as well. So meet the face of the month. —–>I’m Adeshoga Oluwatoyosi Rachel

I’m a 15 year old student of UEC College, Ikorodu.

I live in Lagos State. I’m the first born of two children of my parents. I’m an aspiring model, I’ve always had the passion for modelling since I was little and I started going for competitions at the age of eight, by God’s grace I won four of them.
My parents don’t exactly want me in the business because they’re scared that I would get distracted, although my dad is ready to support me as long as I get good grades but my mom isn’t. So I honestly can’t wait to finish school and finally become a full time model.
Experiences so far: I’ve learnt that not everyone wants to see you succeed,they always want to kill the spark in you and also, find people who have goals, who would strive to achieve those goals and would help you achieve yours too.
Challenges so far: Well, I’ve faced lots, the hardest so far was a car accident after a competition I won, a lot of people told me to give up, even if I got everlasting scars (on my face most especially) it wasn’t in me to give up because I never lose. I was called names during the contest and I also got hateful comments but the thing is no matter what, you have to keep flying, keep your chin up or else your crown would fall
Achievement: I haven’t gotten a recognizable one yet but I’m getting there and those friends that’d help achieve them are here, right beside me
My Fashion style: Fashion comes and goes but style is evenly, just wear whatever you feel comfortable, I don’t exactly like it when my body is exposed but I make sure I dress to kill… My clothing line would be out soon, y’all should wait on it ??
God, my mum and my best friend inspire me
Beauty regimen: I have a very sensitive skin, I try my best to protect it but it never seems enough
Future plans: Oh! God has a lot of plans for me, but I’m taking it at his pace. First to become a cosmetic surgeon then to modeling and fashion
Word to my supporters- expect more from me and don’t ever let anyone dim your light and never give up; who knows what the future holds?

Stay blessed ❤


   What do you think of her cause I think she’s so cool and beautiful. 

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