Exclusive Interview with Frosty 

How’s the new month going? Christmas soon and then we’re off to a new year. I’m grateful to God for the gift of life for you as well. Have you heard of Ayokunle Bakare? Or probably you know him as Frosty! (His name brings the chill back home- for some countries; it’s winter but in Nigeria; it’s harmattan- deal with it!)  I had the opportunity to interview him last week, thanks to David Dickson. Frosty hails from Lagos, he attended Christ Ambassadors International College, Ibadan and is a student of Covenant University. Read the interview below—->
 What inspired the name Frosty?

The name frosty started as a joke in high school, we formed a music group and we got ourselves our own nicknames.

 When did you start singing and what was the inspiration?
   It started out with music production, I used to make beats for fun, because I like to play the keyboard and several other instruments. I have always liked music since I knew what it was and I have started voicing as a rapper, the singing inspiration just came in of recent when I was featured on a single called trips. When the beat was played for me all that could come into my head was to sing and the song came out to be very good.

  Which artiste did you grow up listening to?

I grew up listening to anything that was nice and I could relate to, some of the artist I was exposed to at the time include, Wizkid, the Mo’hit crew, foreign artist like Drake, Jay z, Kanye west.
  When and where was your first performance? How was the crowd response?

My first performance was back in secondary school, I was performing a cover of black & yellow by Wiz Khalifa. The response was super lit, the crowd showed me love and I found it encouraging.
  What genre of music are you into?
I believe I’m quite a flexible artist that diverts at any time into any genre I find interesting but for now I’m going to be doing more of afro beat.

  Who are those you look up to in the music industry?
I’m trying my possible best to be myself and let my fans enjoy my originality but if I was to pick an artist that I looked up to in Nigeria it will be Wizkid 

  Name five student artiste you’ll love to collaborate with?
MO (fire boy wonder)





  If you had the chance, which artistes both locally and internationally would you jump on a track with?

 Locally – Wizkid

Internationally- Skrillex & diplo 

   What is Frosty doing if he’s not in class, reading or in the studio?
making music

playing football 


chilling with my niggas

 Any advice to people out there hoping to be in the music industry

  The music industry has enough room for everyone to make it, so you just have to know what you are doing in the industry and also bring your own uniqueness to the industry.  
 Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

I see myself as an artist that has gone from country to country , national to international, inspiring people and lifting their soul with my music.

  Tell us something about you that most people don’t know.
I like drawing basically 

graphic designing  

fashion designing  

   Thanks for your time Frosty; God bless. To know more about Frosty, bookings or drop a message for him

Twitter- Ay_frosty 

Instagram- Ay_frosty 

email- ayokunleebakare@gmail.com

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