ENTRY- A poem by Kamo Laka and Katlego Zwane

 Hello readers! How’s November been? Hope the week has been great as well. It’s another WordsInDay and these two young South African poets got us covered with a poem titled ENTRY. Keep reading—->
The door continuously remains open. It’s never locked nor blocked. People remain entering , leaving their mark and taking the same route back out. 
And I continuously remain with the same dilemma , I fail to understand why among these many doors, this specific door remains the door to attract tourists as the people relive the same inheritance.
As they enter they take their photographs of the inside and all it has to offer , leave their footsteps, and there after head out again.
They cast a new way of a route , but only after it has been opened by the same tour guide, the leader to the door.

But the doorway that has been entered has no valuability. Leading into the door way has become a trend, one that is constantly exchanged as people follow the steps and not their own required steps.
They find a new door as exciting to enter, for the excitement of the previous door had been worn out because it had been discovered and everything about it was out in the open once they stepped in. The mystery first intrigued them but not for long. 
It’s more fascinating for they all come in at once and also depart at once. One would say it’s a planned operation but they are not acquainted. Coincidence cannot be the word for it. It’s not realistic. 
But then again a door is meant for entry.

But is the entry always the way to attract more tourists, as the tourists can be their own tour guide, their own leader and take their own path into a new doorway. 
– Kamo Laka & Katlego Zwane

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Kamo laka’s information:

Kamogelo Laka

South African

My future is my inspiration

Extra information: there’s more to Kamo than just written pieces.I have a story to tell.

Katlego Zwane’s information:

Katlego zwane

South African

Inspiration: Difference in the making and history in the taking on whatever I do on earth in Gods way and name, rare unique craft thats needed to be exposed.

Extra info: Would love to share/expose anything thats needed to be heard, seen, and done as people.       

   Really cool young South Africans, ‘Difference in the making and history in the taking’. Nice one Zwane. Kindly drop your comments below and share to other platforms. 

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