That’s just who I am?

  Good day everyone. It’s been a while and I’m sorry. Today I have a story to tell. 
There’s this young girl I got to know while she was still in secondary school. She was really nice and amiable but she had a little problem. Little problem? Well, that’s what everyone thought cause she had a lot of things going fine for her. So I don’t forget to mention- her name is Sarah. 

   Sarah would help you with your assignment, share her provision, ask about you and a lot of other nice things. Everyone loved her except ‘when she looses it’. As nice and hospitable as Sarah is, she still ‘freaks out’ on little matters. We’ll just stand with our mouths wide open wondering, ‘is this the same person we know or another?’ 

Nevertheless, we soon got used to her ‘mood swings’ so we just stayed out of the way whenever someone offended her and we also played a major role in preventing it. Oh my! You don’t want to engage in a battle of words with her; cause she won’t stop until she’s convinced she has beaten you so badly. We all know how powerful words are; she was quite good at killing people with hers. 

  It continued after her graduation from secondary school but it didn’t stop all through the university. Oh! I forgot to mention, the most heard sentence from her; THAT’S JUST WHO I AM. On several occasions, people spoke to her concerning this character but that was her reply. Time passed, she was done with the university but the only thing that had changed was an improved approach to dealing with people. She was worse than before. How could such a nice person still wreck so much havoc? She’ll apologize after the deed had been done. Well, you’ll feel better but it doesn’t change what has been done. 

 This nice lady kept convincing herself that this was a part of her and couldn’t be changed. Until one fateful day it cost her her job. 

  Nothing seemed to be going fine at the company that week and it affected the manager as well as the workers. Sarah just had an argument with a fellow employee which almost got physical cause this time, words weren’t enough for her to express herself. The manager sent for them but she refused to go, probably she wasn’t satisfied with the last dealing. The manager had to leave her office and approaching Sarah, was not quite what she expected. While she scolded Sarah, it only raised the anger in both. Beyond everyone’s eyes; Sarah talked back at the manager, insulted her so badly and walked out on her. After this incident, do you think Sarah could still retain the job? Oh, yes that’s if she didn’t mention how ridiculous the company was to the manager’s face. So she lost her job. 

What’s the moral here?

 Apart from not letting your emotions control you. There’s something deeper. 

YOU NEVER CHANGE WHAT YOU TOLERATE. Who said that’s who you are? Don’t try functioning in your dysfunction. You can change a negative character if you take responsibility for it and are willing to get rid of it. By the grace of God and your effort you can. Quit saying ‘that’s just who you are’. You are a winner, a victor, you’re amazing, blessed. You are a King, a Queen, you are the child of the most high. That’s who you are. Enough! Let’s stop tolerating what we don’t like, the bad attitudes and habits, etc. 

   You are amazing, at least for being patient enough to read this to the end. Seriously, you are. Keep telling yourself that all the time and live a victorious life. 

For the record; I actually don’t know any Sarah and this didn’t happen but I’ve heard a similar story ?? 

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