Touching Lives Through The Ink- Exclusive Interview with Amb_Ore

Hey people! How is the Feature today going? Hope you’re loving it. I know Nnamdi said that would be all for today in the last post, perhaps he forgot he still has authors on the blog. I’m Ovie Emekene, popularly known as Slow_Zeus and I’m the editor on the blog. It’s been a while since we posted an interview so here’s one. We came across Shonibare Oreoluwa through his poems which has touched lives. He is also a strong believer in the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

   Who is Amb_Ore?

I’m Oreoluwa Shonibare, a final year student of mass communication at Bowen University Iwo.

Wow  final year, Congratulations!

Yes. Final year. Thank you very much.

   Where are you from?

I’m from Lagos state. Some people believe there are no Lagos state aborigines but I’m actually from Lagos state.  My Dad grew up in forsythe in Lagos island, Okesuna Street.

  Finally, I’ve met the real lagosian ???
So what schools did you attend for your primary and secondary education?

I am very proud of my primary and secondary schools.  I attended Victoria Children’s Primary School, Surulere and the prestigious Igbobi College Yaba.

 So Bowen is the only educational institution that you’ve attended which is outside Lagos

Yeahh.  It’s a long story how I ended up in Bowen but It was the Lord’s and it’s been actually great. I’m thankful.

Great great
So what do you do?
What are your hobbies?

I do few things and aspire for many others.
I am a graphics designers and poet, I’m an aspiring public speaker and life coach.
Hobbies? I love football, like literally love football.

I wanted to play professional footballer like most people of my generation, I had the talent like some of them and unfortunately I never got the chance like most of the few.
So now I resort to analysis and twitter banter. I’m a proud fan of Manchester United and a member of football twitter.  ?

  Cool cool…  I had the same dreams too ??

What’s your best position?

I don’t know tbh, I play too many positions but I am very comfortable on the wings, 7 or 11. But I can play in the midfield too.

If I am to describe myself as a footballer.  I’d be a “poor mans Memphis”

Poor man’s Memphis ???

Let’s leave football talk ??

Who is your mentor?

And what’s your favourite quote?

Honestly, I’d say my Dad.

He’s everything I want to be. Why? I believe in fulfillment and influence. I want to be fulfilled in whatever I do and I want to influence people to know and seek God.

Favorite quote. “There’s always room for improvement”

  Chilled.. You always look to improve yourself then

Yes, always always.  I remember a couple years ago, I thought education and certificates were all that mattered, I had no skill that I could say I had. Then over time I realised the importance and told God to help me improve on this and I thank God for the progress so far. It’s been divine.

  We thank God for that. So what’s your most embarrassing moment and the most memorable one

My most embarrassing moment was in Ss2 – 2012, I was assigned to recite a long poem title Ambassadors of Poverty. I memorised it, went on the assemble ground and couldn’t recite it properly because I was shy.  Decided to never be shy again after then.

Lol…  I actually won’t blame you… The poem is actually really long

Most memorable? The day I closed the stock exchange market in Lagos. We went on a visit to the NSE Lagos and I was asked to close the market. As I rang the bell, the professionals cheered “Igwe! Igwe!”  I could literally feel gas in my head.  ?

????? That’s some real achievement right there

We went to visit because we won the Shell Choral Competition  for Secondary Schools in 2012.


We thank God. ?

   You’ve been doing big things since day one

It’s been God.

  Thank God for that! So what’s that one accessory you can’t do without?

Nothing but I’d say my tablet. It’s my small office.

  Ikr…  Always coming in handy

Yup yup

We are coming to the end…  But before we do that we’d  like you tell the ONB readers something that you believe they should know and will come in handy for them as they progress in life

I’ve a lot to say about that.  I would try to summarise it all by saying Life is in stages, don’t do what you’re meant to do at level 2 at level 1. God created and planned life in Truth and there’s  reason for what certain things are left to certain levels.  The society is going wild and youths are going crazy but a wise youth knows that the energy he feels is not of his making but of God’s grace and making.  It’s best to seek and know God while you’re young so you can survive the challenges at level 2. Be patient with God, believe and love small beginnings, they are necessary. Don’t envy people because envy breeds hatred and builds bitterness –  both profit nothing. Money isn’t everything, sin is never worth it. Take life one step at a time with the love of God in your heart and hard work and diligence in your hands. You will be fine, God has you covered.

     Thank you very much for this!  I needed it too!! Thank you very much for your time, we appreciate!

I am very very honoured by this interview.  I hope the little I have shared would inspire someone to greatness and move him closer to Christ – because that’s all that matters.

I am very thankful.

Amen. Thank you too


 What do you think of this guy? You should read those poems and follow him. Now that’s all for today?


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