Style-light Mide Akins

Wait, please don’t criticize my title ? Now, hello! We still on it and I hope you’re loving it cause like I said earlier it’s really hard for me ? Now here’s a fashionista and a giant with great fashion etiquette. He’s about to tell us something about himself and also inspire us to dress well. Continue reading —->Erinle Olamide Akinkunmi popularly know as ‘Mideakins’ Style Enthusiast | Men’s style innovator and amateur stylist. 
I’m from Lagos state, I have often been asked what inspires me when it comes to Men’s fashion, styles and look’s in general, I always say ‘we have so many beautiful colors of several shades, they weren’t all made for nothing

*Schools Attended; AIS, Crawford University 
*Favorite Quote ; Do your maths today but English should not be tomorrow.. Meaning :what you see as simple today can be very hard tomorrow, procrastination leads to difficult situations 

Hol’up, what are you doing? My fren’ put it back in your pocket or give me ?

I guess I mentored myself 
*Worst moment 
Don’t think I have one .. It’s all been good so far 

*Most memorable moment 
A really memorable moment I can remember was a summer holiday at Dubai ..

*Inspiration- Self inspired 

*Accessory I can’t do without- The scissors pin’s 
*I love native ,casual and corporate equally ?
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    So what do you think? I told him my blog would catch fire after he sent in the pictures ?? Did he inspire with his words and his outfits? Drop your comments below and share post to other platforms. That might be all for today; I’m exhausted ?? Thank you for reading this one. 

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