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Hey, reader and visitors whom I urge to continue reading. How’s the week been? Hope you’ve been enjoying the features. If you missed any, there’s no problem cause it’s still on the blog. Today I’ll be sharing the inspiring story of Clinton Obi Zikora, a Covenant University student. He’s single, loves fashion and even models during his leisure. Clinton loves business and is inspired by wealth. ( Not surprised, he’s an Igbo guy ??) Lol. Read story till the end and don’t forget to share your thoughts and the post. 

   My name is Obi Zikora, I shall be sharing a little story about myself and my family. Last year my family started a brand, after several argument on the name to use we finally picked DEGOLD as our brand name. We started with selling tomatoes in tin packs and distributing to various markets and stores. Also, I taught it wise to advertise this to my school mate maybe they could encourage their parents to purchase the product. 

   A day came I tried advertising the products in school using my little modeling skills, eventually I was mocked and down casted by friends and course mates, some of my friends even said am not even modeling for nike,addidas and the rest that am carrying tomatoes up and down, I told them (can’t you be proud of what you do, And some sighed and told me is this a brand to admire). My mum was called tomatoes lady, the family never kept these in our mind, we didn’t feel bad but kept saying thank you to everything they said, we kept on telling God that he knows the best and reason why we started the business. 

     After several years, we focused on what we do best; not minding what people say or think, today the brand now has DEGOLD sardine, DEGOLD sweet corn and DEGOLD tomatoes. 

     Today I am a director at the brand and those friends that mocked me are now talking to me or let me use the word ‘FAMZING’ me. The lesson I will like to pass on is, do not look down on anyone, you do not know where the person maybe in the next 1 year or even 1 month, life can’t be predicted, even scientist can’t tell a baby what he will be in the next day. 

     Also never look down on people all else you are helping them up, a speech I love so much is (people who look down on people eventually end up not being looked up to). I hope my short story could pass a message to people out there especially in school, the little idea a friend brings up in class could be the solution to a problem no one ever thought of. 

Thank you sir for this opportunity to share my story. For more talk and experience contact me on Instagram @clintonkush 

    You are welcome and it’s an honour to share your inspiring story via my blog. 

So did you learn anything cause I did. Share your comments below and share to other platforms. 


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