Meet Leonard Adejumo

Still on today’s feature, we’ll be having an amazing fashion blogger and model. Leonard Adejumo of is an upcoming model and fashion blogger who also happens to be campus heat award recipient in the 2016 edition

 Name is Leonard Adejumo and I’m from Ondo state

Uhm, I school at Adeleke University

My hobbies…I enjoy writing, listening to good music, and hanging out with friends. I think that’s all yeah

Favourite quote- “Because we are fashion oriented does not mean we are book disoriented” – Sanmi Akinrele

Mentor- If you mean in respect to fashion and style, I’d pick  Blake Scott any day.

Worst moment- None recorded so far?

Uhm, my most memorable moment..Yeah, that was the time when I won three notable awards in one night and 4 in the stretch of a week.

My inspiration? Well, my love for arts (inclusive fashion, pure arts and music) has been a major source of my inspiration so far.

 I dont think I can ever do without a Wristwatch??

Corporate or casual guy? Sometimes, I feel like I’m more in the middle then next time, my personality makes me believe I’m more of the corporate style kind of guy.

My Instagram – @leonardadejumo

Twitter – @leonardadejumo_

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