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Hello readers and visitors! It’s Wednesday and the All-Feature Week still going fine. Today we’ll be having this amazing photography team first. They’ve been keeping me entertained on Instagram with their beautiful uploads and I’ll be sharing it with you alongside something more about them. Keep reading. 
KND Media is a photography brand/company focused on creating and preserving moments and memories. 

Our goal is to be a media house that specializes in every form of photography, from fashion to event to product, etc.

The KND team currently has 8 members, Emmanuel (Kelz) Lucky-Kormene, Charles McWesley, Orenuga Oluwaseyi, Seyitan Oluwatosin, Eze Micheal, Chuks, Richard Brown
Our Inspiration is life, life is precious, and being able to capture and preserve moments of life as precious as it is, is one of our biggest inspirations. 

Any Major plans? We love to be part of the growth process of young entrepreneurs, and in the fashion industry, we want to help young passionate students achieve their dreams by helping bring their sketches, designs, thoughts and ideas into visual reality, project them for the world to acknowledge. 
To this end, we have this tour of Nigerian Universities we titled #KNDmeets, where we go into various Nigerian universities and have free shoots with interested fashion designers, make up artists, stylists, etc, At the end, we create a catalogue, aimed solely at promoting these young enthusiasts. 

Mentor, we have a lot of mentors, but to name a few, we have Jidekola and Nwabudike Chinedu as mentors, as they have closely impacted and tutored us in our journey to where we are. 
I think our most memorable moment was when we were priviledged to work with the honorable Jidekola, it was an experience we would never forget. 
How far has KND gone? we cant really measure how far we have gone, we can only say that we have been able to establish KND Media in Covenant University, Redeemers University, and Uniport. 

Social Media contacts: 
     Instagram: @kndmedia



An amazing photography team, don’t you just love the pictures? Feel free to drop your comments below and share to other platforms. Stay tuned more to come. 

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