George Sketches

Hello! It’s another artist. This guy blew my mind and I really don’t understand how he does it but believe me it’s wonderful. I know him as George Sketch but he’ll be telling us more today. I didn’t forget to upload some of his works so keep reading to see them. 
-My name is George E George 

-Akwa Ibom state

-School at University of Uyo

-Every piece of art I make goes with a different concept & message than the last & always makes people happy. That positive response-being able to create a little positivity with every piece of art – is what inspires me every time 
– i see it as a channel through which I get to pass any message I want. Art is a very influential thing in society. And it can be used to create positivity. That’s what it is to me.
– my hobbies. I love reading. I spend a lot of time doing that. Watching sports and of course, drawing.
-Yes there are plans. Big plans. And they’ll be made public at the right time 

– I learn from several artists and I’ve got a number of businessmen that motivate me. There are so many great artists around and I’m a big fan of them all

-favorite quote. “Luck Is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity” This quote reminds me that we make our own luck
-I’ve got several memorable moments & I can’t pick one out. But whenever my art gets noticed by a top brand, there’s always that good feeling. I’ve also worked for several beautiful people and I appreciate all of them

I’m Georgesketch on Twitter & Instagram. I don’t have a Facebook page yet. I don’t know if you’ll need my personal account at
Isn’t he just amazing. Please help me ask him how he does it. Or can someone explain to me? So you have him; George Sketch on the second feature for today. Would there be more? Yes! 
Stay tuned. 


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