Spotlight on The Lone Fashionista- IamEndowed

Hello and it’s another feature for today. The Lonely Fashionista? He prefers to be called. You might know him on IG as @IamEndowed_ but today he’ll be telling us more. And also, teaching us more about fashion and style as we view the pictures below. 

Olowoyeye olayinka AKA ENDOWED 
Ekiti state

Primary education : Solomon grace and kingdom heritage model school
Secondary education : fountain comprehensive school 
Eccowas cosmopolitan college 

Kings college lagos

Now in LandMark University 
Hobbies : I love entertaining people even during the unconscious like even when I don’t plan to. If you chill with me for 5 minutes I bet u would laugh your ass out. 

I hate school 
And I won’t use my certificate to work. I am just in school because of my mum and dad

I am a presenter/o.a.p in the making
Fashion is taking risk in creating your own style and people keeping up with the trend.

Red letter day: the day I noticed a friend who I thought was a friend was actually a scam. ????
A scamma friend tho.

Memorable day: the day I saw TINUKE ADUBIKA
What keeps me going: my urge to be great, my creativity , my hustle spirit, AND ALSO my MUM.

I am a presenter and OAP IN THE MAKING tho. Not yet o. Buh would love to cause that’s my talent. Because People say I am funny. ???

I also love taking pictures and dressing well. Walking alone. 

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