Debut collection of Six15 by Sanmi Akinrele (Sammypph)

Good day readers! And hello to an amazing week. So last week Slow Zeus (the editor on the blog) and I were working to get the amazing people we’ll be introducing to you this week talking. I’m glad it was fruitful. 

Today we kick off with Sanmi Akinrele (popularly known as Sammypph) who has actually been interviewed on the blog.

He mentioned then that he had plans and I’m glad to let you see how it’s going for him.

He’s currently the CEO of 6ix Fifteen NG and we’ll be featuring his debut collection alongside few words from him.

Collection : The collection was themed BLAC , which depicts it’s negro lineage. The outfits have Zipper details which was actually the main attraction and then to support better fitting of the outfits as seen in the pictures.

It shows a vintage and contemporary blend which is what @six15_ is mostly about.


The inspiration for the collection was in-born to be honest, cause in my previous interview with Nnamdi, I told him I’ll be releasing a collection sometime soon.

So let’s just say the inspiration has been there right from the start.

  Message Communicated

The message here is how retro and contemporary fashion can blend and produce beautiful styles and outfits.

I’m in love with these outfits. What do you think? Drop your comments below. You can place an order by clicking

Here’s your man- Sanmi Akinrele

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