It’s Tuesday! Good day reader. Under Construction? Yes, that’s the title/ theme of this one. Now this is how I came up with it. Like I said in Dungaree’s Heat a lot of clothes and accessories are just being recycled from back then in the days of our fathers and grand fathers and styled with modern thoughts to bring out the fire! 

Back then, Dungarees (Overalls) were actually worn by construction workers as a protective clothing. 

That’s where the idea of construction came in and as a lifestyle blogger as well; I added more spice. YOU AIN’T LIVING IF YOU AIN’T UNDER CONSTRUCTION! 

I’m just trying to say we need to keep getting better as everyday provides opportunities. 

If you follow me on Instagram (@Official.nnamdi) this wouldn’t be a surprise to you as I mentioned last week that I wasn’t going to be alone on this one. The_OffcialIk of theOfficialIK.com (website currently under reconstruction) and Fabian Whyte of fabianwhyte.anatech.com.ng were with me. 

 I really had a nice time during the shoot, amazing personalities with great sense of humor especially IK. Our trip to Shoprite! 

When fashion bloggers collaborate… Here’s the product

All shot by iGQ 

What’s next? Can’t say but I’m certain for fashion category URBAN STATEMENT is ready. Won’t drop any picture here, it would be on my IG. Drop your comments below and share this post. God bless you as you do so. 


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