ROADBLOCK- A Mountain or a Ladder?

Hey dear reader! How is your day going? Hope it’s been great. A lot has been going on but we need to stay positive against the odds. 

Now here’s a question for you today; ROADBLOCK- a mountain or a ladder? 
Anyway we choose to see it, we’re right but we’ll be doing ourselves a huge favour if we see it as a ladder. Literally, a roadblock should be good enough to stop our movement but way beyond this; let’s give it a deeper thought. Roadblocks in our lives could be really devastating and frustrating. Do we choose to see it as a mountain? Whew! No way I’m going over this one. Or a ladder? I just need to grab the rungs and proceed. Life wouldn’t give you roses all the time; most times you need to purchase it or make it yourself! And this solely depends on our perception of life. Our mindset, our faith, it depends on us. I don’t want to say much or maybe some other time I would but right now I just want us to realize that we need to change our perception of life for the best. Tough times would come, if you consider it as a mountain then you just gave it more life but if you see a ladder then you’re bound to progress. All resulting to a happy life!

Remain grateful to God dear reader, July is here and we’re alive. Happy new month to you! And thanks a lot for the support. 

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