Most at times our success comes from failure…  Understand that even in our success Grace makes the difference. 

I remember a story of the great “Napoleon of France” one of the greatest generals that ever lived  gave a quote 

There is nothing impossible with God” and yes truly it is.. Just a motivation for today that no matter what you’re going through and what you’ve been through there is always a light at the end. Although it might tarry but it would come to past.

What’s that dream, what’s that goal you’re seeking to achieve.. The mystery of life is that to each it’s own race, for some it comes early and others late. Prayer is as important as the moments of trails and turbulence.. Never give up. 

My lovely blog readers, it’s a new week and I believe it’s never too late to believe and pray.. 

I would end with a verse from the bible.

Psalms 145:18. ” The lord is nigh unto them that call upon him in truth

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Have a cheerful week…

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