HAT SPICE: La Femme 

Hats has become a modern day essentials, accessorized in our modern day fashion. Whether off to church in vintage hats brim by our grandparents or a regular occasion one must be identify with a hat. Hats are worn differently ,

• A day at the pool

• Red carpets

• Brunch with friends

• At bars or night clubs.

The greatest things about hat just like a girl is to her handbag and shoes, the “fedora hat” can transform what seems like a causal look to an all time smart look.

A few tricks on how to wear a hat

1. The color

2. The occasion

3. The size of your head

4. How you collectively put together your outfit, you don’t obviously want to look clown in outfit..

For me, as a blogger and possible stylist I feel a hat should be a wardrobe essential you never know when it becomes Handy ..

I love to keep it clean, classy and elegant with my dress sense.. A lot of questions I get or heard been asked is if there are rules to wearing a hat, I would typical say “No” as long as it’s worn correctly and perfect for the occasion or dress, you obviously can’t throw a base ball hat on a seemingly “red carpet” dress..

So my reading audience what’s your favourite piece of HAT…

1. The beanie

2. The fedora

3. base ball or basket ball hat

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Anticipate HAT SPICE: L’Homme


  1. I love this outfit! Hats really do take everything to a whole new level! My fave type is a nice floppy brimmed one (they bring the drama and a boho vibe)!

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