On this day, like every normal school day, I sat in my usual position as a Grade Four student when the teacher asked this question which was kinda way passed our level. But this boy had an idea; who would have thought of that? I answered it confidently and most of my mates bust out in laughter because their minds were too little to comprehend definitely. I felt bad but the teacher was amazed at my answer and he made the class applaud me.     

Hey readers! Firstly, I apologize for the break, yeah, I’m sorry. A lot has got everyone busy on the blog; school, work but we still got you. Hope we’ve been staying positive, inspired and helping others. 

Wondering why I started with that story? Here’s a fact- In most cases a fool (the ignorant one) would always laugh at the wise one. I’m not here to insult anyone but I want us all to rise above that stage of criticizing people as well as use this people to propel ourselves. Here’s a story I learned as a Geography student; The story of how Pythagoras postulated that the earth is round but it remained a speculation because most philosophers didn’t agree with his point but years later his point was proved! I remember back then in school still at the primary level but this time we were merged with our seniors for a revision and a question was asked. I was shy and didn’t want to say anything but within I kept asking how my seniors didn’t know it. No one could answer, then after a while this Grade 6 student answered and instantly got a plate of food. Lol I wonder what would have happened if I answered it. Well, not answering it cost me lot that I won’t discuss today. 

What’s the idea? Never be scared of critics! Most times they don’t even have an idea. Majority wins the vote? Unfortunately, in the world we live, society has damaged a lot of values including people standing up for what they know is right. Most just follow their friends, people who they look up to or those they hold with so much esteem that they end up devaluing their selves, thoughts and opinions. This could be as a result of peer pressure leading to the inability to reason and make personal decisions but the main cause is that thought of knowing it all and neglecting other people’s opinions. 

 We need to see all these and say no to critics. They don’t know it all and you don’t know it all and that’s why we must be open to ideas, thoughts and opinions from others. That’s the only way we can improve; by listening with an open mind. Critics shouldn’t hold you back. Critics would always exist but we need to turn every road block to a ladder to greater heights. Don’t cry or wallow in pain instead rise above their thoughts, words and sounds. It’s really funny when I learn about postulations shared by great scientists but were discarded and later on embraced (after being proved relevant)

Hey don’t get this post wrong; you still need to think deeply before airing your thoughts, opinions and views. Some thoughts are never embraced and some, even by great men as assumed are discarded. 

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