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Hey everyone! How’s the week been? I’m sure it’s been great, if you don’t think so please start believing it is; and it would be :D. By the way, to my university student readers, how was the semester? And to those writing exams; we wish you the best. It’s a great day and it’s about to get better as long as you go through this post to the end. We’ll be telling you a story by Sipo of STJ Photography today. It’s not just words but it’s got pictures; real beautiful ones. A photographer telling us a story? Yes, and I loved it. I bet you would.

In a land of Amúkòkò flowing with milk and honey. Here we have Olatosin and Mopelola, happily married couples. Both very happy to have each other, not knowing what type of lady Mopelola is.

img_2569Here we have Chidinma, a very decent lady, filled with the teachings of her mother following the footsteps of good morality , her mother’s advice
lingering above her mind every moment. She knows what’s right and wrong and she knows how to treat a man ??img_2571

Olatosin is not the best of men, he doesn’t know when not to look. Basically, he’s a mere admirer of God’s creation. Behind all the happiness, there is sadness because of what he faces in his humble abode-a nagging wife. They all live in Amukòkò. img_2575Like I said, he doesn’t know when to look and when not to look. Olatosin, cause he’s a village man does not have any idea of guy code in his blood. He looked at God’s amazing creation called chidinma at the wrongest of times and got welcomed with Mopeola’s palm on his firm cheeks. Mopeola shouldn’t have done that but he deserved it in a way. Part of his sorrows.

img_2574-1Who would see this amazing work of art and not stop or look back for a second. Look chidinma is everything a man desires, good behaviour, good character, awesome face and body God bestowed upon her. Chidinma is the envy of the other girls in the land of  Amukoku .


img_2573Meanwhile, back at the house of Olatosin, he and his wife are having a healthy adult-like chat, all things going well and rosy until Mopelola struck and brought up the topic of what happened the other day.img_2576Mopelola started her nagging, Olatosin put on his defense wrapper in this case, using all ways to defend himself but due to lack of home training and impatience, the same incidence happened again. This time more painful than the last that it made Olatosin back out of his own house, not knowing what to do.img_2572In his sorrow and pain, he held on to his cheeks, prior to the hit on his subtle face thinking about where he has gone wrong. Dear dear Olatosin, what you’re looking for is not too far away from you, all you need to do is look further.img_2578There she was, goddess of good morals, Chidinma tending her crops in this case Olatosin because he didnt have the mind, had to spy on her this time without receiving a heavy slap. So he gathered all the effrontery and boldness he has and walked up to Chidinma and then thier story begins. img_2579Because Olatosin knows how to play his cards right, Chidinma soon fell under his spell of charming words-Chidinma I’ve been sighting your outer and inner beauty from some feet away, knowing you are a goddess, you are everything I want in a woman, not to talk of how God carefully moulded your body… ‘Chidinma because of her good character succumbed. img_2577News soon got to Mopelola, through her ever gossiping friends. She went out to see if it was true. Lo and behold, she fed her eyes the truth. She couldn’t believe her eyes but fate already took its course, Chidinma and Olatosin had secretly married each other leaving Mopelola behind. Her not listening to her mother has cost her her marriage. img_2580What a sad way for this to end for Mopelola, nagging won’t get you anywhere, listen to your mother’s advise, they told her, don’t disobey your mother, they said to her but she turned deaf ears, and now the repercussion is right in front of her, dancing around her in excitement. She wailed and wailed to no avail. Dear dear Mopelola! img_2581Meanwhile, back at Ólatosins humble abode , here he has his beautiful goddess wife. Every mans dream; Chidinma. With him, his happiness just started, a new story just began, a new beginning. Old things have passed away all things have become new. Chidinma cause of her good character, lasted long, gave birth and grew older in Olatosins house. Olatosin showing us his 32 every moment he sees Chidinma.


Makeup, bodyart : @peace_o

Literal content: sipo

Props: Tosin, kesi and Elizabeth

Olatosin: @tosin_oa

Mopelola: @kesi_ena

Chidinma: @lizabeth_muniz

Thank y’all for reading. God bless


I’m Sipo,owner of STJphotography,I’m a limitless creative. I’m a building tech student at Covenant university and I love to take pictures.

The writer of the Story is Tosin Akinbo [@tosin_oa on Instagram] our main inspiration was girls that don’t listen to their mums cause they feel they know more or they are old enough to fend for themselves.
So we used this to show that there’s a repercussion for this so yeah,thus the story.
My Instagram handle is : @STJphotography_
My twitter handle is : @yungest_j
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Hope you enjoyed it as I assumed. Beauty in shots blended with morals; excellent story Sipo. I’ve told him before and I’ll say it again; I’m a fan! Who doesn’t like good thing? ? Okay, thanks a lot for viewing this post and God bless you all. Don’t forget, your thought counts and your shares goes a long way. Feel free to comment and share to your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

I’ll cease this opportunity to announce; ‘Saturday forum is coming soon’. Here, we all discuss and air our views on different topics. It’s gonna be fun as long as we all see the relevance. God bless! ??


  1. Chidinma is so fine!! And this piece is really nice. The pictures tell the whole story. ♥ ♥

  2. Chidinma is so fine!! And this piece is really nice. The pictures tell the whole story. ♥ ♥

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