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     Hey readers! Sure my Nigerian friends enjoyed the workers day although I know some others that turned their rooms to an office. Lol, either way we must keep working. So I was favoured to meet the amazing Anjola Fagbemi of

   In this post she would be showing us something beautiful; she’ll school us and also we would get to know 15 random facts about her.

IMG_6115Yellow is quickly becoming my fav!

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You guys already know my favorite colors are black & white; but I’m finally trying real color and Yellow is quickly becoming my fav! I loved this day because we hit the streets and had bomb pictures on okadas, I technically stood in the gutter, and my melanin popped severely. Pretty good day, right? I will be uploading more to my Tumblr because I didn’t want to overload this post with pictures.

None of this could be made possible without one of my closest friends, Enem, and her photography skills! Please follow her here and show us both some love in the comment section below!

Dress- Zara

Heels- Forever21

Bag- Mum’s closet.

Love x kisses,


  On to the second part where we get to know more about Anjola Fagbemi.


  • I look really tall in pictures but I’m really only 5 ft 6.5
  • I’m obsessed with flowers and spring! I love to keep fresh flowers on my work desk!
  • I love trap music! I just enjoy getting out on the dance floor and cutting shapes.
  • Speaking of dance floors, I love to dance. I am in an African Dance group and I just love dancing!
  • I have a slight obsession with pounded yam; yes, pounded yam.
  • Zara my all time favourite high street store.
  • I’m super energetic! ( Can you tell from my exclamation marks?)
  • I need to have music with me everywhere I go. I love every type but my top two are Nigerian and trap music.
  • I love skateboarding! Now that its Spring I can bring out my cruiser with floral motifs and cruise around campus.
  • I’ve been designing for my (imaginary) clothing line since I was about 9 years old.
  • I went off social media for about 2 years; during which I reinvented myself.
  • I love traveling and discovering myself.
  • I am a city girl; my top two cities in the world are New York City and Lagos.
  • I am a make-up and natural hair product junkie
  • I love big hair.

Thanks for reading this one, I’m sure you want to know this wonderful lady more so check out her Instagram @bejewelledbud and her Twitter @AnjolaFagbemi

I already followed her and I ain’t regretting it. Keep supporting the blog, stay inspired and please look good always.

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