Hey everyone, how’s the week been? Hope its been amazing. We’ve been scouting as usual for powerful teens; by powerful I mean teenagers with a vision and passion for change, a positive one at that. And then we found this amazing guy; Nnaemeka Chukwudalu Nwoke. A Nigerian from Imo State who attended Fountain School for his primary education and Apostolic Faith for his secondary education. Currently a sophomore student at University of South Florida studying biomedical sciences and minoring in psychology. So we got him talking and telling us some things you would be interested in knowing about this awesome guy. (Please note that the interview was done late February)

Hey Meka

What’s up bro?

I’m good and you?

I’m chilled mehn! Just living life, putting in work and staying happy!

That’s really good. We must keep doing what makes up happy as long as its good.

You know!

So tell us, how did you come about the name Meka YMG?

Lol. Its been since high school. We used to have this group and we called ourselves YMG, and you have me; ‘Meka YMG’

Hmm… And what does YMG stand for?

Lol. YMG is just YMG now! It used to have a  meaning because it was an acronym. But it doesn’t anymore.

Oh, okay. And does Meka YMG have a catch phrase?

I say ‘hard work and dedication a lot of times’ But sometimes its also ‘Live life, work hard  and stay happy’

You’re right! Its a nice one. So whats your view on life?

I see life through different lenses, depending on what aspect of life I’m thinking of. Life is really too broad to view in a certain way.

Deep, but you are right. Do you have a role model?

Ben Carson

Ben Carson, that’s a big one! Do you want to be a neurosurgeon as well?

Yeah! I’m an aspiring neurosurgeon currently a premedical student.

That’s really good. God see you through.

Amen! Appreciate.

Anytime. What inspires you to be the best you can be?

Seeing people who once dreamed, and turned their dreams to reality. I also inspire myself, it sounds crazy on a first thought, but I really do.

Inspiring one’s self! That’s something to note.

It really is. I think its the best form of inspiration. But it takes a strong mind and a lot of discipline also.

You’re right. If I’m not mistaken, you just started a YouTube channel.

Yes I just did.

So what inspired you? What’s the goal? And how’s it been?

My life over the past eight years which encompasses my thoughts and experiences, its the inspiration. My life changed dramatically. The goal of my YouTube channel is to challenge and inspire people out there to think beyond the conventional way of thinking which the society we live in has restricted our thoughts to, and also to challenge people out there to elevate, change and improve themselves in all ramifications of life. The change we want to see in the world is a change that must start with us as individuals.

This is really amazing and I wouldn’t have said better.

Thanks bro!

So we were wondering, what are the principles you’ve based your life upon?

Hard work, dedication, discipline, focus, stay happy and live life to the fullest.

That’s a real code right there. Whats the most memorable thing that has happened to you?

You know bro! Most memorable? What aspect of life though?

Perhaps the craziest time you ever had. Or an encounter with a person that helped define you or both.

Lol, its really hard to point one exactly. I’ve had so many memorable moments. When I was in Panama City spring break last year, when I had a 3.98/4.0 GPA in my first year, so many of those. As regards to encounter, none.

Lol. 4.0, that’s a real achievement mehn. And as regards to your mentor; Ben Carson. What stands out about his personality for you?

Thanks bro! I think medically he is phenomenal. Politically, I don’t agree with a lot he says.

Lol. I was about to get to that part. Do you believe he should be running for president?

I don’t really follow him politically tbh, so I don’t know a lot about his political journey but I’ve heard him talk in a couple of videos and have not agreed with a lot he has said. However, I think medically he is someone to look up to.

Aii… So its medicine we should be looking at, really chilled. Funny thing, he is one of those running the Babcock medicine program. Why didn’t you just opt for that instead of Florida?

Yh. That’s what I look up to. Lmao… Firstly yh, I don’t think he is the one running the program at Babcock, But I know it was named after him and he was at the commissioning in Nigeria. But however, I’m  at a school with a higher and nearly incorruptible system of education, and that’s why I’m here.

Lol. Nigeria still needs to put in a lot of work. So when you are not into all the medicine, what do you do?

I party, hang with friends, go shopping, eat out, work out, play a lot of sports especially soccer.

Ah soccer! What’s the position?

Mostly mid field but I started striking recently.

That’s chilled yo. I’m guessing you would be a natural ten

Ha ha. I try.

Yh, uh. There are times when people do feel down and out. I’m sure you do to. So what do you do in such times?

Bro! Its always about believing that we gon’be alright. That’s what I tell myself everyday. Nothing good comes easy, its always darkest before dawn, the rainbow only comes after the rain. I only keep working harder. That’s what I know how to do best.

Real words there mehn! You’re a music lover(?)

I listen to music, it makes me happy.

Lol. So who is that one artiste you could put on replay everyday?

Davido is my best tbh! Although I don’t listen to him everyday, but I listen to J Cole, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Kanye, Cyhi the prince, Drake, Meek Mill. But tbh yh. My play list is probably 95% Nigerian music.

Lol. Repping that naija. We should be rapping things up soon. But first I’d like to ask; what’s the advice you give to people when you get the opportunity?

Well, most times it depends on their situation. But apart from that, I tell people to stand out rather than fit in. Think beyond the conventional way of thinking (think outside the box), work hard, be dedicated, focused and believe in yourself. When you feel like giving up, think about your destination rather than the duration (the journey)

  ????Another one *Dj Khaled’s voice*

Major ?

Yes mehn! So where do you see yourself in ten years?

When I was 12, I wrote my life in 30 years and to answer your question, its been the same; a successful Neurosurgeon.

Lol, that’s chilled bro! And finally before we let you go; what’s that one thing most people don’t know about you?

Lmao! I have no idea. I play soccer, swim, table tennis, snooker (pool) and I skate. I think I do all of them pretty well.

Lol, it’s aii g. Thanks for your time we really appreciate.


OfficialNnamdi Blog says a big thank you. And keep being you cause the top ain’t far from you.



God bless you all for reading this interview and I know you can’t remain the same. We all learned a lot from this great guy, hope you did as well. What’s the most fascinating thing about Meka?

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  1. His catch phrase should be ‘Bro’ he said it a lot during this interview. thanks for the inspiring interview, gives more reasons to keep pushing hard.

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