Hey blog readers; what’s up? Welcome to another Wednesday and our post for WordsInDay. This poem was meant to be posted on Mother’s Day but for some reasons  it wasn’t. It’s not too late to appreciate your mother still; show her love all the time cause it’s worth it and she deserves it. A lot of females are scared of the pains of child bearing and mother-hood but here you are reading this meaning your mother stood out. God bless my mom and yours as well. Take some time to read the poem. 

I sat to write 
But I couldn’t 
I need to appreciate my mom 
But the words are not here 
I sit while I walk through memory lane 
Realising I would never have  
Come this far 
If it were not for the number one woman in my life 
Other times I just imagine a life without you 
And the outcome is never pretty 
I will never know how many prayers you prayed for me 
But I do know that they are working 
The other day I was hit by a trailer 
I know I should have died 
But the God of my mother was present 
Not just because of me 
But because of her 
I am grateful to have you as my own mother 
I am more grateful to God 
For letting me have the best mum around 
Thank you mom 
I love you so so much 
God bless you! 

Its a late late post

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