Fashion? They have been so many articles on fashion with different views on how fashion should be and how to determine if someone is fashionable. The understanding of fashion in today’s world has created fear in so many people’s mind that if you ain’t good in combining colours, your dressing or not wearing sophisticated things then you ain’t fashionable but this is not supposed to be.

I saw the fashion show of yeezy 3 lately and the way at which people lamented and critized him but I was not surprised that people criticized Kanye’s works. These criticisms I believe were made because fashion is now seen as a one way thing. Fashion should be a way of expressing the way one feels and Kanye West did that through his clothing line. Even with people criticizing his clothing line, it is one of the fastest growing clothing line and they are so many designers imitating him now. Fashion should be a thing used to express the way and how you feel. People should not criticize the way someone wears an outfit. For someone to be able to communicate to others with the way he/she dresses, that person can be called fashionable. This point of view is mine. Sure some of you won’t agree with me on this option but I will be writing another article on the opposite side of fashion that all of us understand.

With the above article, all am trying to do is to make you guys see that fashion should not be a one way thing and also that we should not criticize people because of the way they dress. Criticisms can be allowed only when someone just wearsbsomething without a purpose of passing a message or showing the mood at which he/she is in.

You can also say a person is not fashionable when they can’t explain what motivated or inspired them to wear what they wear or when the combination ain’t right with the reason he or she is giving.
Sure so many people are asking why I said you have to be able to explain what you wearing. This is because before you can be considered a good dresser and a fashionable person; you must always wear the right outfit to the right event. Most people this days now have fashion stylist that dress them up for event, I don’t consider these people fashionable because it takes a fashionable person to blend work and fashion.

So as not to bore you guys with my article, in conclusion fashion shall not be concentrated or looked at from one point.

Will speak more on this next week. Feel free to share your thoughts. This is what I feel, what do you think? Comment and let’s know more. Visit my blog To know more and stay updated.


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