Hey blog readers, I once again appreciate you for visiting my blog and I just want to remind you of how amazing you are. God bless you, YOU.

I’ve stumbled upon another amazing photographer and I had to hit him up so I could feed my eyes the more, LOL. As a generous guy I decided not to hoard the amazing shots he showed me and I would definitely be sharing it with you. Like I said before, I’m not a photographer but I know a good one when I see his works and Deji Fadero is an amazing one. Thanks for sharing this with us.  Keep scrolling to view his works and read up about him.


Inspirations: Life


Life is art; art is life. I love taking pictures of practically anything. Most of the times I’m always with my Precious(my camera), ready to point and shoot. Lmao, this guy named his camera… How many of you do that?


It could be in a moving vehicle, looking at the skyline of my city from a really tall building or walking by the river. It doesn’t really matter where or when ‘cos my inspiration literally comes from life.


Mos of the time I usually have an idea of where I want to shoot even though I’d probably end up changing it as many times as possible. I never want to do the same thing more than once that’s why I keep looking for other ways to do different things.


Lol! Its quite funny how far I’ve come yeah? Cause I totally remember my friends shouting OXO! (by the way that’s what I used to call my photography) and well. some laughed, some encouraged and some were just being humans in general if you know what I mean.


I don’t even think I’ve gotten anywhere yet, and I don’t think I’d be able to know when I’ve gotten somewhere cause I always tell myself ‘there would always be someone better, why not make that person you?’


I still have more than enough to learn, but I can boldly say that I’m not where I was about a month ago *inserts shmoney dance* and certainly not a year ago *inserts the shmoney dance* Oh yeah, you’d probably get me dancing before, during and after shoots. It just happens *smiles* I can’t help it.


90’s born MVP. I’m up to something.


Here’s more about Deji Fadero;

90’s born; Freelance photographer by day, freelance photographer by night. Product of Apostolic Faith Secondary School and a Losgiddy affiliated photographer.



IG; The_DejiFadero

Twitter; The_DejiFadero


Website; wait on it. Monitor my IG and you’d be the first to know.


With all this amazing shots I’m considering being a photographer. Lol. Deji Fadero and Ayo Busari would teach me. But for real, don’t you agree with me that this dude is talented and amazing. Drop your comments, share this post and tell your friends to tell their friends. Stay posted cause we have another one by Ayo Busari coming up. Have a great week. Much love from everyone at the OfficialNnamdi blog. Keep supporting.


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