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Before a downfall the heart is haughty,
but humility comes before honor. Proverbs 18:12 | NIV

Hey everyone, how has the week been? I really hope its been awesome. I’ve been so busy its been a while since I posted but all thanks to God for the amazing bloggers who have been assisting by keeping us inspired. I really appreciate you all. For over a week the inspiration from this came but I really had to take my time and pray it comes out well because it felt so powerful. I really hope you enjoy this one and learn a lot from it because I did. Down to earth or nah?

When we hear ‘Down to earth’ what races through our minds? I’ve come to understand that a person who is down to earth is that one who is practical, reasonable, genuine,unpretentious and humble to name a few attributes. The most captivating word there is ‘HUMBLE’ and that’s what this post is all about; HUMILITY.


Let’s pay attention to this case scenarios we are going to put into consideration using seeds;

1ST CASE: Seeds that are not planted, not rooted but wish to germinate with water and wind only.

2ND CASE: Seeds that are planted but along the line leave their roots and wish to grow with wind and water only.

3RD CASE: Seeds that are planted, germinate with wind and water and remain rooted.

Think deep and answer which of thees seeds will germinate and keep flourishing. Now lets liken this event to we humans, lets bring it home ad lets face the reality.

The seeds here refer to us; me and you while the wind and water refer to life’s problems, challenges and obstacles. In the first case we are dealing with those who are not rooted at all but wish to progress through wind and water. In other words, they are not humble, feel they are superior to every other person but hope to progress but unfortunately there’s no logical explanation for such. When trouble comes knocking on their door they fall real quick to the ground just like a plant which has no root would be blown away when the storm ( that’s too much for it, LOL. A little breeze would do the work)  comes.


The second case represents those who are humble at the start, they are rooted but along the line they loose it. The fame, recognition or the success takes over their act and they raise those shoulders high, look down on others as well leaving their roots and unfortunately when trouble comes, they also fall.

The third case represent the set of people I always pray to belong to. Those who are rooted, stay rooted in humility, rise high and never forget their roots. When trouble comes they stand firm. Lets pay more attention to this set because they are the REAL MVP’S. It is essential we stay humble irrespective of how successful we are. Why?

Lets shed more light on the third case;

When a seed is planted it begins to grow likewise humans; when we are humble we just started our journey. When a seed is not planted at all and has no root, how will it grow?  As the seed grows into a plant its root keeps getting stronger- when we stay humble we keep growing stronger as well. When wind and water comes a rooted plant will stand firm’ as a matter of fact they would grow the more and stronger. Likewise for humans; lets not forget wind and water helps plants grow because troubles and challenges makes us stronger as long as we are rooted. If we are not… we know our lot.

Whats the moral here?

Never forget your roots

Problems, trials and challenges would always come our way because they are there to make us better.

Never look down on anyone

Stay humble, honour God and you would be exalted

Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time.


I hope you enjoyed this one and it was worth the time you gave it. Please share this post and also share your comments. Everyone at The Officialnnamdi Blog appreciates you for your support, God bless you. Enjoy the rest of the week. Remember to remain inspired and humble.


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