Celebrity Feature with DRB’s Teezee


Born Teniola Zaccheaus, Teezee hails from Lagos State. He is an artiste signed in to DRB; actually he is a founding member alongside Ladi Lanre popularly known as Fresh L and Tobenna Ofili in 2007. For his primary and secondary education he attended Grange school. Later on, moved to UK for his college education at Malvern College and University level at Kent University where he studied Politics and Sociology.

How are you doing today?
I’m good.

Great,  so tell us what inspired the name; TeezeeDRB?
My initials.

Oh, brilliant.  Most people don’t know the meaning of DRB, could we hear it from you?
Sure, it means Double R Boys and R stands for Rap royals.


Wow, I didn’t know that. Big ups to whoever came up with that. Do you have a role model?
Of course my parents, musically a few. Sade, J Cole, Nas, to name a few.

And what’s your catch phrase?
I don’t have any.

Okay,  so what year did you go into music and what inspired you?
2006, it was in me. Since when I was younger.

Lol. Natural born talent.  And did your parents support you?

Do you play any instruments?

Tell us about your first major performance?
I can’t remember the year or event, I’ve been performing on stage since High school.  But it was at the Eko Hotel. We made hit tracks and we got invited. I wore sunglasses on stage

Lol, why do you do that?
It’s easier with shades on.

Easier with shades on? Are you a bit shy or do you get nervous during a performance?
No, I feel better with them on. Gives you a sense of mystery.


      Lmao. How do you handle mistakes during a performance?
Hardly have any. But one time I almost fell, changed it to a dance move.

??? And you did get away with that. How was it for you schooling and doing your music in the UK? Any challenges, racism?
   No, it was okay. No challenges and no racism.

What genre of music are you into and what inspired you?
Hip hop!! Soul music. Inspired by Jay z life and times vol 2 album and first rap album I bumped.

But Teezee, apart from music, you have also grown into a well respected fashion enthusiast?  How has it been for you?
It been dope, but I don’t think we get enough recognition for the style aspect though.

Of cos you do, alongside Boj.
But we deserve more.

Lol. Gradually, they’ll know.


Speaking of fashion, what’s your link with Denola Grey?
He’s my cousin.

Wow, he really is? Say hi to him.



      How were you able to combine your education with your music?
Time management.  We just had to try our best.

I bet it wasn’t easy, but you made it. You are one of the founding members of DRB, what inspired the thought?
Just a group of young guys with ideas and dreams made it pop off.


Amazing. And what are we expecting from DRB this year? Any major plans?
Big things popping. Just wait for the surprise.

Lol. We can’t wait but guess we must.
Yes o


Teezee, Boj and FreshL (L-R)

           Aside music and fashion, is there more to you?
  Yeah, I work in oil trading. Mogul life.

Oh, can I give you a standing ovation? Mogul life ??

And so what are your hobbies?
Football,  music, writing, etc.

When you dress up for that show or event, is there any accessory you can’t do without?

       In the next 5 years, where does Teezee see himself?
Hopefully, counting millions.

Amen o. We would count it for sure. So what advice do you give to youngsters who are nervous about going on stage and what do you have to say to everyone out there trying to make it?
  Be yourself. Be natural,  be original. And as for youngsters who are nervous; don’t be.

You heard it, form an artiste who has been performing since high school. We would surely remember that.
Thanks a lot for your time but before we let you go; you’ll have to tell ONB readers something most people don’t know about you.
    I wear reading glasses, my sight is really bad.

Woah! Didn’t expect that but we pray it gets better.



I’m really grateful to TeezeeDRB for sparing out of his time. Once in a while, we need to keep up with our celebrities,  know more about them and what they’re up to. God make you bigger Teni.


So did you gain anything? I did though.
Dreams need a push to become reality. He didn’t just come up with the DRB idea, took a seat and waited for a miracle. Believe it or not; mostly, individuals with same priorities and goals would achieve it faster and more efficiently than one. Aside music and fashion he’s into oil trading. If you can; get an additional source of income.
Note that education is important,  irrespective of whatever career you’ve chosen. It gives you an edge.




And as usual, remain inspired but don’t be greedy with the inspiration,  help others get there.
God bless you for reading this post.



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