An Exclusive Interview With Sammy Pph.


  Born Akinrele Oluwasanmi, Sammy hails from Ondo State and is a 400 level student at Covenant University studying Computer science. He is a fashion enthusiast and a fashion blogger. For his primary education, he attended Tobert Vineyard and for secondary level; Model College, Lagos.

       Hey Sammy, what’s up?
Not bad just cooling, you?

        I’m good. Thanks a lot. Now if I may ask, what inspired the handle Sammy pph? And what does the pph stand for?
Sammy is like a third name, more adopted than third name. In secondary school people called me Sammy and I was in India for a while so they pronounced my name as Sammy or Sam lol. Pph is something relating to intellect anyway and I don’t plan on revealing the meaning yet though some people know it.

       Wow! That’s good but since you won’t tell us the meaning now, we would still try to crack it.
Ha ha, you can give it a try.

       We could guess your catch phrase but we are not so sure, would you tell us?
My catch phrase? I’ve thought of so many, I don’t even have one. Lol.

Okay, let’s give you one you already say a lot.
Yes, that would be good.

For we are fashion oriented doesn’t mean that we are book disoriented – Sammy pph.
Yes I would appreciate you use that.

        Ha ha, it’s really deep. When I saw it, I remembered the award you bagged at Campus Heat awards but I couldn’t remember the title. So tell us about it and how you felt?
Most knowledgeable male of which I got other nominations though, as most fashionable and model of the year. Haha well I felt good. Winning a well appreciated award makes you feel good. I was proud of myself and most of all my Mumsy was.

You deserved it, keep it up.
Thank you. More awards to come still ✊


What of your dad? Does he support you as regards to the whole fashion, modelling and blogging life?
My dad is of blessed memory. I wasn’t really into much of fashion then but he really wanted me to be smart cause I was really dragging in my early days in primary school. But his tutoring and strict ways put me in shape. I started topping in class as 1-3. Though I dropped but I never dropped below 1-5. I have had positions from 1-5 lol. Very weird. As being in a public school you should know what 1-3 means.

Sorry about that Sammy, may his soul continue to rest in peace. Wow! You are one scholar.
No worries it’s been far back.

It means a lot of hard work and dedication. But still, tell us; how did you do it?
Honestly, I prayed about it. And I kept using my sister as a competition cause she’s really smart. I used to accept she was smarter than me then. ..I refuse to accept that now though. Lol.

That’s really inspiring. So prayer, hard work and dedication has brought you this far?
Yes actually and motivation from my friends. They always tell me I can do it and that people would love it, even when I doubt. .Plus I always want to make my mum happy so that’s a major reason too.

You are a great guy, I’m sure she’ll always be proud of you.
I am glad she is. Though I have my flaws sometimes. I disagree to somethings but one can’t always concur with what everyone says unno.

Wouldn’t have said better. So tell us, who is your role model?
Hmm role model. I don’t really know. But I just learn from different great people ranging from pastors to lecturers to scientists to fashion enthusiast.

That’s amazing. No one is the greatest. We have something to learn from all.
Exactly, I’m glad you feel what I am saying.


What’s your view of life?
Life is easier than we think. Just make the right decision and always remember smart work…Including God in what you do.

       You are right, we would remember that. But what inspires you to be the best you can be apart from your lovely mom?
The great life of other people, likes of bill gates and fashion entrepreneurs. I mean they are happy with what they do and they make a living off it. That’s what I want. I want to be happy with whatever I am doing and making money off it. A lot of money

Lol, a lot of money ? ?. So anytime soon, we’ll be looking at an entrepreneur.
Yes and a computer scientist as well.

That’s good. Your university studies can’t be wasted.


If there’s any question more controversial than the meaning of pph it is; how does Sammy combine his education with fashion blogging and modelling? Is there more to you also?
Yes I do sports as well. Well nothing more than just putting equal effort in all. Once you have a motive you would do all you can to achieve it.

So you’re saying you put an equal amount of effort in all. Interesting, what sports are you involved in?
Football and I used to run and do high jump as well. But not a runner or jumper anymore.

Okay, why if I may ask?
No time again, other things came up.

Okay, priorities ?
Could you tell us about this look?


Well its something I do. Like not to dress cooperate everytime. So it was just a look I came up with from stuff I had seen from different places, including movies; likes of  django.

     It’s really nice. This is one of my favourites. Tell us about it.


    There’s really nothing to say, I am a stylist so I come up with styles regularly.

Everything is classy about the look and you killed it with the tote bag.
Thanks a lot.

Anytime. What do you do when you feel depressed?
I don’t feel depressed, that’s weird. Or rather I barely feel depressed. Everyone feels depressed actually. I actually don’t know what I do. I just probably speak to someone about it and get advise.

Lmao ? ? You got me confused there.
Lol, I don’t like negative stuff.

What’s your advice to every youth and person trying to make an impact on life?
Well, they should all have what they really want. And before you make impact on other first impact yourself that’s the only way people would really listen to you.

You are right, you change the world by changing you and leading a life worthy of emulation.

So Sammy in the next 5 years where do you see yourself?
This question is cliche. But we all want to be great don’t we? I have so many things in my head I hope and pray they all come to pass and GOD spares my life.

Amen, He would.
But I would be a renowned fashion enthusiast and designer. And I definitely would be doing exceedingly well in my career.

God would see you through.
Amen famo, thanks.

Anytime. As a fashion enthusiast, is there any accessory you always have on?
Yup I always have my shades or glasses on. But rings.

I noticed that,  is there any basic reason why you always have your shades on?
Nope, just to feel cool. Lol.

Ha ha, okay. Small flaunting, tell us about most of your achievements and nominations.
Model of the month for Jumia Nigeria, Most knowledgeable male.
Scream awards nomination – brain of the year,most fashionable, most sought after male, most sophisticated male.
Campus Heat : model of the year, most fashionable, most knowledgeable.

        Wow! I see so much prayers, hard work and dedication going down there.
Yes actually, so much.

Speaking of Jumia, what’s the link between Sammy pph and Jumia Nigeria?
I am a style blogger for their fashion department, a contributor to their fashion blog.

Oh, that’s incredible. Thanks a lot for your time Sammy, but before we leave you, you would have to tell ONB readers something most people don’t know about you.


        I’m not as butty (tush/ ajebutter) as people think lol. I have been through the hard life. But things are changing steadily.

So Sammy is not a full ajebutter, he has tasted the pako life. ? ? Deeply appreciated. I’ve learnt so much from you and I know everyone that reads this would also. Keep doing you, God would see you through. A lot of people got your back.
Sure, thanks a lot Nnamdi.


As I promised; exclusive interviews from two great guys, one down and one more to go. I hope as you read this you had your jotters by your side cause there was so much to learn from Sammy. To everyone out there; never neglect prayers as you struggle in life. Grace would get you where hustle can’t . Be sure to follow his Instagram @Sammypph and learn.




Remember life is always worth living, irrespective of happenings. Remain inspired and stay put for more posts.



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